Suggestion: Ereptor Editor

This suggestion will allow you to edit the stats with royal jelly of both of the freeplay Ereptor colonies, i say "freeplay" because when you increase the stats with royal jelly to the ants you have it only effects the freeplay ones, and not the formicarium ones, and what i mean by edit the stats with royal jelly is the thing in the tech tree where you click on an ant icon, and click the bottom picture with a royal jelly with a plus sign on its right side. You will have a starting amount of royal jelly (around 600) and can get more by playing and completing a victory condition of freeplay by playing with that colony you upgraded (every minute you get 5+ royal jelly, and when you complete a victory condition you get 100 royal jelly), in the Ereptor editor you can edit both primary colony and counterpart colony, however when you have multiple formicariums it will say "primary colonies" and once clicked will ask you to choose which colony to upgrade (just a little thing to add, you cannot change the abilities that appear on both sides of the ant icon, but it will high light which one you have, and the side things to not appear for counterpart colony). Now for the counterpart colony, its simple, you start with 600 royal jelly and you can upgrade certain stats with the royal jelly. Although its a pretty simple idea, it might be a little difficult for the developers to code and balance, but if the John, Liam or Matt can spare some time, have the coding abilities and good balancing abilities then i would be appreciated for this idea to be added.

After thinking, the 600 starting royal jelly is a little too much it seems, so i will be fine if the developers decrease a lot of the starting royal jelly, maybe change it from 200 to 600, and you get royal jelly mainly from playing the freeplay games as the ones you upgraded to further upgrade them.

Edit: I almost forgot to mention this is its own entire thing, for example, story, freeplay, other modes and after that comes "(freeplay) Ereptor editor".
The changes get applied to the free play as long as you use the Saves Name when selecting a species.
i know that when you upgrade the formicarium ereptor it changes the freeplay ereptor, but this is if you want to upgrade their stats while not effecting the formicarium ones and not using up formicarium royal jelly.